Monday, July 3, 2017

The Old One

Heidi and Michelle
One of my nicknames for Michelle was "the old one" because one time I meant to say that she was the older one, but accidentally said the old one and then it just kinda stuck. 

This week I was home to say goodbye to my sister. I think most of you know, but my sister, Michelle, passed away. 

Sunday morning here, and Saturday night, there, my mom called to tell me that Michelle had a brain bleed. She was brain dead but still hooked up to life support. I was able to fly home the next day and get to see her and say goodbye before they took her off life support. She was able to donate her kidneys and her heart valves. 

Sisters saying Good-bye
Tuesday morning, I was able to go to the temple with my parents, and I am so grateful for that. I felt a lot of peace being there with my parents. I am so grateful for temples and the peace that we can find there. 

Thursday was the viewing and Friday was the funeral. She didn't look much like herself, but people never really do. A lot of people came to both the viewing and the funeral; which was nice to see how many people love and care about Michelle. They had time at the funeral for people to get up and say things they wanted to share about Michelle. All three of her kids got up and talked about what an amazing mommy she is. I might not have Michelle anymore but I am so lucky to have her three little wonderful kids, along with Abe (who is wonderful too). 

A lot of people from Michelle's ward reached out to help in the form of food, so we had wayyyy more food than we could eat and so did Abe. It was very sweet of people. 
Abe and Michelle

Michelle and her Children (Ace, Cash and Heidi)
I flew back out to Romania Saturday night, and am still planning on finishing my mission. I know that's what Michelle would have wanted and I know the Lord will help me, and strengthen me to be able to do it. 

Michelle in college

I am so grateful for Michelle. She is such an amazing example to me in everything she did. She is the most amazing mom, sister, wife, and daughter. I cannot wait until I get to see her sweet smile again and give her a big hug. I am so grateful that I get to be her sister, and that I am part of her life and she is part of mine.

Michelle's casket
I am so grateful for the knowledge of the plan of salvation. As hard as it not having her here, I know that I will see her again. I also know that even if I can't see her or touch her, I know that she is still there for me. I know she has a work to do right now on the other side. I know that I will be with her for forever after this life, and I am so grateful for that. She will be my "old one" for forever. 

I love you guys. Hope you have a good week. 
Love Sora Vann 

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