Monday, July 25, 2016

Kitties are Everywhere!

So for starters, we accidently woke up at 4:30 am this morning; thinking it was 6:30 so that was fun. 

Since this past week was transfers,  for almost all of Tuesday and Wednesday we were alone in Brasov, with no elders or other missionaries. It was kinda of weird! 
                                                                                                            Me, Sis Jerez, and Geta
Elder Broberg is training so he got a new baby missionary! Wednesday morning, we went and decorated the Elders' apartment for him! It was weird being at their apartment! We also had two super good lessons that day! One was with a member and her younger sister, who isn't active in the church. She is super cute and adorable! 

The other lesson was with Geta. Unfortunately, none of her family was there, but it was still really good. We taught her the restoration and she loved the restoration video! She also told us that her and her family have been reading the Book of Mormon and loving it! :) AND Geta has kittens at her house now! I will get a picture of them next week :)

(Sis Jerez with her lucky number 27 and our yummy milkshakes from Taconos.)

Sora Jerez took me to a place called "Taconos" this week to get a Oreo milkshake. It was like - out of this world good! I don't know if it was so good because I haven't had one in like forever, or they are just super good. OH! Sora Jerez got the okay to take her boot off Friday night! We are now a four legged  companionship again haha. I took a video of her taking her first steps. Its pretty funny :) 

Yesterday, we met with this cute old guy on a bench to talk to him about the gospel. He started into this story before we could start and he ended up talking, I kid you not, an hour straight. He was talking super quietly too, so I could not understand a word he was saying! I kept getting so         distracted and I got super bored. Near the end, I almost got up and just ran away. Don't worry, I didn't.  haha I wanted to so badly though! Sora Jerez and I just laughed about it afterwards. 
Sora Jerez is turning 20 this week (on Wednesday) and so in honor of that, we are going to try to have 20 lessons this week. Wish us luck! The most she has ever had on her mission in one week was 18. 
                                                   (Sis Jerez's latest x-ray)

Oh! There is a really good video the church put out about the Book of Mormon. We love it so much! Here is the link. I highly suggest watching it and then sharing it with a friend if you want to :)  

Thank you everyone for all your love and support.  It really means a lot to me.
Have a great week!

Sora Vann

Sora Jerez forgot her name tag this morning so today we are both going to be Sora Vann.  haha

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Treaba means like busy work. We had to get my taxes for my visa done this week and get my visa started so that took some time, basically a whole half a day. Sora Jerez also had an appointment for her foot this week (it's doing good. She got an x-ray and we are waiting to hear if she can take her boot off). She also got a hair cut that somehow ended up taking two hours! It was a very boring two hours for me. 

In companion study, we have been reading the Book of Mormon together out loud and that has been so awesome! (we have been challenged to finish it by September 6th) The Book of Mormon is so amazing! I always feel renewed after reading and just more at peace with life. It definitely is bringing something a little extra to our days. I think President has emailed my mom about this but we have challenged all our investigators and members here in Romania to read or reread the Book of Mormon by Thanksgiving (which is funny because they don't have Thanksgiving here) but I want to extend the challenge to everyone at home. I know that if you do this, you will see a difference in your life and you will learn so much! :) 

We got a lot of new investigators (for Romania) this week which is awesome because we really didnt' have anyone who was really interested in the gospel. We ended up having a crazy weird lesson with one of them who happens to be masseuse. The situation somehow ended up being him messaging a shirtless guy on a table while we read a chapter from the Book of Mormon aloud to him. Weirdest thing ever! 

I realized last week when I sent pictures I failed to send any with me in them. So I apologize and will send some this week! 
Thanks for all your prayers :) I love you all! 


Sora Vann

Our District (Before Transfers)

Chalk contacting  (it says - Follow me)

Me with the kittens that I talked about last week

                                                                                                        Another picture of Sighisoara

Monday, July 11, 2016

Random Thoughts

I lot of randoms things to talk about this week. I took a lot more pictures this week! Anyway . . .

Tuesday, we got to go to lunch with a family of a past missionary who is here visiting. That was super fun! And the food was really good. 

We also had a sleep over that night with the sisters from Ploesti because we had Zone Conference the next morning. So you know we didn't go to bed till like 12:30 (i know that doesn't seem like that late but when you have to get up at 6:30 the next morning, it's not super fun). Zone Conference was awesome as always. At one point though, President Ivory called Sora Jerez, Sora Giron (we have an elder whose name is Elder Giron). I laughed at that for a really long time (probably because I was tired from staying up till 12:30). On the way home though, somehow Elder Giron, ended up with our phone. We didn't realize this till 10pm that night and neither did the Elders. So they had to come bring it to us, at like 10:30. Basically they are super awesome. 

Thursday I got to pet cats! :) Happy day! We went and visited our only young woman  (Chistina) in her little town of Sacele which is right outside of Brasov. The town is so beautiful! (don't worry I
Cristina (our yw) and her brother and their house

                                                have pictures) but she has a cat that has kittens! 

We also had an amazing lessson with one of members Sora Mesco. We are really building an awesome friendship with her and it's giving me a chance to really take the lead in lessons and do a lot more talking. It is also awesome to see her testimony and how much she loves this gospel, and how much joy it has brought joy into her life.  She wants us to teach her sister who is visiting next week and who isn't a member :) 

Later that night, we heart attacked the Elders' door because it was Elder Broberg's one year in the country mark! There was entirely too much laughing while we did it and it's a good thing the elders weren't home, because the lights in the hallway went out and I thought I found the light switch, but it was actually their doorbell. I'm smart :) Anyway it was fun. 

Oh ! I finally got sandels! My feet are happy :)
Getta and her family (our investigators that friend-zoned us) came to our Saturday activity! It was a lot of fun and we showed them a video about            the Book of Mormon afterwards, and they really liked! We gave them Book of Mormons and they said they would read them! 

Today we went to a town called Sighisoara.  It's where Vlad Dracula was born and its super beautiful! 


 I love you all!! 

Love Sora Vann

Sighisoara (two town pictures)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy 4th of July

We are having a 4th of July party tonight at the church and I am so excited! Apparently Romanians still like celebrating the 4th. Anyway.

We went district contacting this week and it was so much fun! We went to this adorable little park and started writing and drawing stuff with chalk on the sidewalk. Then we just handed out Book of Mormon cards to everyone who would take one. I got really good at saying "do you want a free book" in Romanian haha. We met some pretty cool people and we are excited to make this a weekly thing! 

We also had a super awesome activity on Saturday as a branch! At first we thought no one was coming and we had just planned on playing soccer. Then we found out that some members were coming so we changed clothes to play soccer, but then when the members got there we found out they wanted to do something totally different (opa). They went and got sandwich stuff and cookies and a cake and soda. When they came back they told Sora Jerez and I to make the sandwiches (interesting, Okay?) but then we ended up having a water ballon fight/just cups of water (when all the water ballons were gone). There was so much laughing and bonding it was great! Sora Jerez, Elder Broberg, and I all got completely soaked! 

We really didn'

t get fed this week which is probably for the best because my stomach was not super happy with me, but I do miss having Ciorba! (its really good soup) 
I think thats about it for this week actually. I realized I forgot the link for the talk I mentioned last week so Im putting it in now!

Seriously its so good! GO READ IT!

I love you all ! 

Sora Jerez all ready for the rain with her walking cast

The Romanian countryside