Monday, July 25, 2016

Kitties are Everywhere!

So for starters, we accidently woke up at 4:30 am this morning; thinking it was 6:30 so that was fun. 

Since this past week was transfers,  for almost all of Tuesday and Wednesday we were alone in Brasov, with no elders or other missionaries. It was kinda of weird! 
                                                                                                            Me, Sis Jerez, and Geta
Elder Broberg is training so he got a new baby missionary! Wednesday morning, we went and decorated the Elders' apartment for him! It was weird being at their apartment! We also had two super good lessons that day! One was with a member and her younger sister, who isn't active in the church. She is super cute and adorable! 

The other lesson was with Geta. Unfortunately, none of her family was there, but it was still really good. We taught her the restoration and she loved the restoration video! She also told us that her and her family have been reading the Book of Mormon and loving it! :) AND Geta has kittens at her house now! I will get a picture of them next week :)

(Sis Jerez with her lucky number 27 and our yummy milkshakes from Taconos.)

Sora Jerez took me to a place called "Taconos" this week to get a Oreo milkshake. It was like - out of this world good! I don't know if it was so good because I haven't had one in like forever, or they are just super good. OH! Sora Jerez got the okay to take her boot off Friday night! We are now a four legged  companionship again haha. I took a video of her taking her first steps. Its pretty funny :) 

Yesterday, we met with this cute old guy on a bench to talk to him about the gospel. He started into this story before we could start and he ended up talking, I kid you not, an hour straight. He was talking super quietly too, so I could not understand a word he was saying! I kept getting so         distracted and I got super bored. Near the end, I almost got up and just ran away. Don't worry, I didn't.  haha I wanted to so badly though! Sora Jerez and I just laughed about it afterwards. 
Sora Jerez is turning 20 this week (on Wednesday) and so in honor of that, we are going to try to have 20 lessons this week. Wish us luck! The most she has ever had on her mission in one week was 18. 
                                                   (Sis Jerez's latest x-ray)

Oh! There is a really good video the church put out about the Book of Mormon. We love it so much! Here is the link. I highly suggest watching it and then sharing it with a friend if you want to :)  

Thank you everyone for all your love and support.  It really means a lot to me.
Have a great week!

Sora Vann

Sora Jerez forgot her name tag this morning so today we are both going to be Sora Vann.  haha

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