Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Treaba means like busy work. We had to get my taxes for my visa done this week and get my visa started so that took some time, basically a whole half a day. Sora Jerez also had an appointment for her foot this week (it's doing good. She got an x-ray and we are waiting to hear if she can take her boot off). She also got a hair cut that somehow ended up taking two hours! It was a very boring two hours for me. 

In companion study, we have been reading the Book of Mormon together out loud and that has been so awesome! (we have been challenged to finish it by September 6th) The Book of Mormon is so amazing! I always feel renewed after reading and just more at peace with life. It definitely is bringing something a little extra to our days. I think President has emailed my mom about this but we have challenged all our investigators and members here in Romania to read or reread the Book of Mormon by Thanksgiving (which is funny because they don't have Thanksgiving here) but I want to extend the challenge to everyone at home. I know that if you do this, you will see a difference in your life and you will learn so much! :) 

We got a lot of new investigators (for Romania) this week which is awesome because we really didnt' have anyone who was really interested in the gospel. We ended up having a crazy weird lesson with one of them who happens to be masseuse. The situation somehow ended up being him messaging a shirtless guy on a table while we read a chapter from the Book of Mormon aloud to him. Weirdest thing ever! 

I realized last week when I sent pictures I failed to send any with me in them. So I apologize and will send some this week! 
Thanks for all your prayers :) I love you all! 


Sora Vann

Our District (Before Transfers)

Chalk contacting  (it says - Follow me)

Me with the kittens that I talked about last week

                                                                                                        Another picture of Sighisoara

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