Monday, July 11, 2016

Random Thoughts

I lot of randoms things to talk about this week. I took a lot more pictures this week! Anyway . . .

Tuesday, we got to go to lunch with a family of a past missionary who is here visiting. That was super fun! And the food was really good. 

We also had a sleep over that night with the sisters from Ploesti because we had Zone Conference the next morning. So you know we didn't go to bed till like 12:30 (i know that doesn't seem like that late but when you have to get up at 6:30 the next morning, it's not super fun). Zone Conference was awesome as always. At one point though, President Ivory called Sora Jerez, Sora Giron (we have an elder whose name is Elder Giron). I laughed at that for a really long time (probably because I was tired from staying up till 12:30). On the way home though, somehow Elder Giron, ended up with our phone. We didn't realize this till 10pm that night and neither did the Elders. So they had to come bring it to us, at like 10:30. Basically they are super awesome. 

Thursday I got to pet cats! :) Happy day! We went and visited our only young woman  (Chistina) in her little town of Sacele which is right outside of Brasov. The town is so beautiful! (don't worry I
Cristina (our yw) and her brother and their house

                                                have pictures) but she has a cat that has kittens! 

We also had an amazing lessson with one of members Sora Mesco. We are really building an awesome friendship with her and it's giving me a chance to really take the lead in lessons and do a lot more talking. It is also awesome to see her testimony and how much she loves this gospel, and how much joy it has brought joy into her life.  She wants us to teach her sister who is visiting next week and who isn't a member :) 

Later that night, we heart attacked the Elders' door because it was Elder Broberg's one year in the country mark! There was entirely too much laughing while we did it and it's a good thing the elders weren't home, because the lights in the hallway went out and I thought I found the light switch, but it was actually their doorbell. I'm smart :) Anyway it was fun. 

Oh ! I finally got sandels! My feet are happy :)
Getta and her family (our investigators that friend-zoned us) came to our Saturday activity! It was a lot of fun and we showed them a video about            the Book of Mormon afterwards, and they really liked! We gave them Book of Mormons and they said they would read them! 

Today we went to a town called Sighisoara.  It's where Vlad Dracula was born and its super beautiful! 


 I love you all!! 

Love Sora Vann

Sighisoara (two town pictures)

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