Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy 4th of July

We are having a 4th of July party tonight at the church and I am so excited! Apparently Romanians still like celebrating the 4th. Anyway.

We went district contacting this week and it was so much fun! We went to this adorable little park and started writing and drawing stuff with chalk on the sidewalk. Then we just handed out Book of Mormon cards to everyone who would take one. I got really good at saying "do you want a free book" in Romanian haha. We met some pretty cool people and we are excited to make this a weekly thing! 

We also had a super awesome activity on Saturday as a branch! At first we thought no one was coming and we had just planned on playing soccer. Then we found out that some members were coming so we changed clothes to play soccer, but then when the members got there we found out they wanted to do something totally different (opa). They went and got sandwich stuff and cookies and a cake and soda. When they came back they told Sora Jerez and I to make the sandwiches (interesting, Okay?) but then we ended up having a water ballon fight/just cups of water (when all the water ballons were gone). There was so much laughing and bonding it was great! Sora Jerez, Elder Broberg, and I all got completely soaked! 

We really didn'

t get fed this week which is probably for the best because my stomach was not super happy with me, but I do miss having Ciorba! (its really good soup) 
I think thats about it for this week actually. I realized I forgot the link for the talk I mentioned last week so Im putting it in now!

Seriously its so good! GO READ IT!

I love you all ! 

Sora Jerez all ready for the rain with her walking cast

The Romanian countryside

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