Monday, June 27, 2016


Where to start.....

We had an investigator this week who fed us nasty, nasty cheese and a lot of it too. Luckily there was bread. She is a super nice old women though so we couldn't even be upset. We also somehow managed to spend like 2 1/2 hours at Getta's house (one of our investigators). Granted, we were making sarmale but still, and we only had like a 20 min lesson with them that wasn't really even a lesson. Bascially we have been friend zoned and we need to somehow fix it. Oh by the we are lucky if our lessons are just an hour. Romanians love to talk! A lot. 

But we did have an awesome lesson with one of our members. We wanted to share a conference talk with her. So I picked one out, read it in English, and then highlighted the parts I liked in the Romanian copy. Afterwards Sora Jerez read through it and she started crying. She told me it was exactly what she needed to hear. (It was Elder Hollands talk from this last conference). Then when we shared it with our member it was definitely what she needed to hear as well :) You all should go read it, it is seriously so awesome! I will put the link to it at the buttom!

We got caught in a crazy rain storm this week! We were in the middle of this little town outside of Brasov going to visit a member (dirt roads) and it just starts pouring! We pretty much just got completely soaked! It was one of those moments where we couldn't help but just laugh. At one point Sora Jerez lifted up her boot and water just poured out of it! Needless to say after we had our lesson with them we had to go home and wash and dry off her boot which was covered in dirt and mud and completely soaked. 

(These are the before and after the rainstorm pictures)

We had exchanges this week which were fun :) Sora Spangler bought me mint chocolate chip ice cream :) We visited a member and then tried to go less active finding but we weren't able to find anyone. haha but hey I got ice cream :) OH! we also had pizza with them before they both drove back home. Domino's pizza here is so good! It has cream cheese in the crust! I know it sounds kinda weird but trust me its awesome :)

Sorry I don't have more to say but have a great week! :)
I love you all!
Love Sora Vann

The pictures are from our super awesome FHE activity we had :)
me and sora Spangler (please excuse how we look we pretty much spent the whole day sweating!)

The pictures above are from the Family Home Evening I talked about last week.

This is a picture some parents visiting Brasov took of the missionaries this past Sunday.  I love getting those.

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