Monday, June 20, 2016

A Nice Cold Cup of Buttermilk

So to start off the week we finally had people show up to our FHE (family home evening) activity and it went super well too! We played the game "Signs" for the activity part and there was a ton of laughing :) 

 Wednesday, we went to visit a lady that we had met at Sora Jerez's doctor appointment, and she fed us so much food! She fed us a big bowl of vegatable soup (which was super good and you pretty much have to eat it with bread or else they will yell at you) and then she gave us a big bowl of some type of soup with just peas and chicken in it. Then she gave us cheese and tomatoes and more bread. And the kicker. We were sitting outside when we started talking about the cow they have. Then the next thing we know she is bringing us out this huge glass of milk from their cow; but it wasn't milk. It was lapte batut, which is actually butter milk. I don't suggest ever drinking straight butter milk! It was the sourest thing I have ever tasted! Luckily we had cookies that we could eat with it. So that was quite the                 experience. 

Friday we had to go down to Bucuresti for a doctors appointment for my visa. It was hot there! It was 105 degrees. Luckily we spent most of our time in AC till it was time for our train ride back to Brasov. We got on the train and it is so full! There were more people than there were seats, which like never happens. Its 105 degrees, there's no AC on the train and it also doesn't have windows that open. We definitely felt like we were melting. But luckily after an hour it started to cool down as people got off the train and as we ended back up into the moutains. I'm so glad that I'm in Brasov for the summer! Thank you President! 

We have a less active family that we meet with every week and we have been working on helping them with reading the sciptures. This past week, they read way way way past where we had asked them to read to.  The mom said that she could feel the difference the scriptures were making in her life! It was so awesome to hear her say that! I know that I have definitely felt the difference reading the scriptures has made in my life. I know they are true because of that difference. She also told us that she has seen her husband pray before he leaves for work every morning. I'm so excited for them :) I can see the difference the gospel is making in their lives and how awesome that is. 
I think thats everything I got for this week. Sora Jerez's foot is doing just fine by the way :)

I love you all! 


Sora Vann

Oh, by the way a less active took us to go see an opera! We saw Carmen. So theres a picture of the theatre and one of her and I. 

other pictures: the piatas (the place with the fruit) and a picture of the moutains

 This is the wonderful sister who took us to see Carmen
                                                                                                           The theatre where we saw Carmen 

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