Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I Got to Pet a Cat!!

Don't worry I have pictures of the cat! Actually it was a kitten :)

So lots happened this week. First off, I went to a vegan restaurant with one of our potential investigators. I thought I could probably find something on the menu I would like, but it was actually pretty hard. I decided on zuchini spaghetti. I was like, I can totally eat that and it will probably be pretty good too. But then it turned our that it was raw, like completely raw. I ate like a third of it and then Sora Jerez came to my rescue and ate the rest of it (she actually really liked it). 

On Friday, we had a lesson with one of our investigators named Ancuta. We were teaching her about the restoration and it was going really well actually, but then after we talked about Joseph Smith and first vision. The lesson just started to crash and burn. She started talking about random things that she believed. Then she would ask Sora Jerez what we believed about it. Sora Jerez would tell her and then Ancuta would tell her that she was wrong and why. Sora Jerez was just trying so hard not to argue with her. She handled it super well actually. I was just sitting there listening with her kitten asleep on my lap, so I was pretty content even though the lesson didn't go well. The little kitten was so stinkin cute! It was asleep on my lap for like an hour, just purring the whole time! I was pretty much in paradise! 

After that not so great lesson, we had an amazing lesson that next day! A couple from our English class randomly asked us if they could learn more about our church. We were like, of course! So we met with them Saturday and had just planned on sharing our purpose as missionaries with them and inviting them to take the lesson. They had so many amazing questions though, and so we basically ended up teaching them the whole restoration. We showed them the "Because of Him" video and the wife cried. The spirit was so strong, pretty much during the whole lesson. They agreed to take the lessons and we gave them a Book of Mormon; which the wife is so excited to read! We are so excited to start teaching them :) 

Crazy story of the week: Sora Jerez had her doctor appointment this week. The mission doctor in Germany told us to ask for a walking boot, but they said they didnt have any and so they just ended up putting more plaster on her cast. Sora Ivory was not happy about that so she told us to go buy a walking boot from the medical stores they have here and either take the cast off ourselves or we could go back to the doctors. Being the responsble adults that we are ,we decided to try taking it off ourselves...in the parking lot of the church...with two kitchen knives and a pair of scissors.Looking back on that, it probably wasn't the best idea but Sora Jerez did not want to go back to the doctors. It did end of coming off though. I told Sora Jerez she should probably go to the doctors soon just to make sure we didnt' move anything out of place. But she has a walking boot now! Its very exciting :) 

I love you guys all so much!

Love Sora Vann

 Sora jerez and I with Cristina (our only young woman)


                                                                        This is a picture a parent took that is in Romania picking up their son.  They were in Kate's ward on Sunday and sent posted this on Facebook

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