Monday, August 1, 2016

The Week of Craziness

So our goal this week was to have 20 lessons in honor of Sora Jerez turning 20! We didnt' get it (we had 16) but we still had an amazing week and learned so much! 
I will start with old bench guy. We met with him Sunday on the bench we meet him on (he doesn't have a phone). He talked for a straight hour. I'm not even kidding. I couldn't really hear him at all, so I just sat there for an hour people watching and trying to focus on him. Near the end, I was starting to go a little crazy but luckily, we got a call and had to leave. He is sweet but I don't think he is interested in the gospel at all. 

We have a super awesome investigator that I don't think I've told you about yet, named Danielle. She just showed up two Sundays ago at church. Apparently two guys who stayed with her as they were traveling though Brasov, talked to her about our church because they were Mormon. She told them she had been reading the Bible online and they asked what website. Turns out she was reading from and she took it as a sign from God! She's been looking for a church to join for the past two months. How awesome is that!? We had two awesome lessons with her this week, and she agreed to be baptized! She doesn't have a date yet because she told us she wants to finish reading the Bible and then read the Book of Mormon before she gets baptized. But she is seriously so awesome! She is loving everything we teach her and she asks so many great questions :)
                                                                                                The Birthday Girl with her Chocolate Pancakes
Wednesday, was Sora Jerez's birthday :) We celebrated by going to lunch with the elders. We went to an Indian resturant and we all got curry that was wayyyyy to spicy! My mouth was seriously on fire! and so was everyone else's. It was fun though, lots of laughing (and crying). Later that night, I made Sora Jerez chocolate pancakes and we sang Happy Birthday to her (the elders sang over the phone). 

We made friends with this super girl from England who is living in Brasov right now. She didnt' really seem interested in the gospel, but then last night she came to a fireside and then today she came to Zone Conference! So now I think she is super interested :)

On Saturday, all of our lessons bailed on us (which is why we didn't get 20) but we had a super great Relief Society activity that really just turned into the whole branch activity. We had a big dinner together and then watched a chick flick. It made Sora Jerez and I both cry! (don't worry we got permission from president). 

Zone Conference
We had Zone Conference today and it was awesome. It made me really think about how much joy this gospel and church has given me. I know this church is true with all my heart and I'm so glad to be a member and to have it my life. I know the Book of Mormon is the true word of God, and it too has blessed my life so much! It has given me so much peace and happiness from reading it! We have this video that we love to share with people "datorita lui" (Because of Him). I encourage you all to watch it :) I hope you guys have a great week! I love you all! 
Sora Vann!



                                                                                                            At the Indian Restaurant

Ducklings at one of our member's house

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