Monday, August 29, 2016


So I'm staying in Brasov! Yay! My new companion, Sora Savoie, got here this afternoon, but the awkward thing is that Sora Jerez isn't leaving till Wednesday. So we get to be in a trio for two days. 

Celebrating my 3 month mark with Clatite (name of the dessert)
Anyway, this Tuesday, was my three month mark in the country and I cannot believe that I've been here for that long! It seriously just feels like I get here yesterday! But to celebrate, we went to this super yummy traditional romanian food restaurant that Sora Jerez has been wanting to go to. The food was super yummy, and we got dessert :) 

Daniella is gone this week on vacation which is super sad but for some reason she decided to leave us with her keys to her apartment. So we decided to go heart-attack her apartment :) It was super fun! We wrote things we liked about her or a scipture, or a quote. She got back today and she said she loved it! And she got us postcards from Croatia; which was awesome! 

Me, Sora Jerez and Adriana
View of Brasov from our hike
On Wednesday, we decided to get up at like 5:30 and hike up this mountain to watch the sunrise. Adriana was suppose to come with us but she fell back asleep. haha Oh well. We ended up not getting to really see anything because it was so cloudy, but the view of Brasov was still awesome (dont worry I have pictures). Also Sora Jerez and I, both took the opportunity up there to spread out a little bit and just pray. It was such an awesome experience to be surrounded by so much beauty of the earth and just bear my heart out to my Heavenly Father in prayer :) I felt so grateful for everything He has given me and everything He has helped me with, and I felt His love for me so strongly! Prayer is such a beautiful gift we have been given! 
Sora Jerez petting a stray dog on the way back from our hike
Putting together a puzzle at Daniella's
Our District -  Aren't we so cute!

Anyway that's pretty much it for this week! I love you all! Be safe and be happy! 

Love Sora Vann

Sora Jerez in the park in Centru

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