Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Slow Week

A selfie with Elder Wilkes  (like the younger brother I never had)
We had most of our lessons cancel on us this week so it was a pretty slow week, but thats okay. On Tuesday, when our first lesson of the day canceled on us, we decided to clean our apartment (it really needed it). Which ended up being super great and wonderful, because our proprietor called and said that she would be coming tomorrow morning to look at our apartment. So glad we cleaned! 
Sora Jerez being a ballerina

A pretty alley way in Centru
Yeah I don't really have that much to say this week.... we went block knocking in the rain Friday (going from apartment to apartment to see if anyone wants to talk to us). 
Last night we went to a free concert with one of our members and it was super full; so we had to sit on the floor and we almost got kicked out, but don't worry we didn't. 

Elder Brogerg about to go in a creepy basement we found
We couldn't meet with Danielle this week because she went to the beach, but she was at church yesterday and she even brought her mom! So that was super cool. Literally all our English students disappeared! Tuesday, we had two; who both came late. Saturday we had zero, but it's just because we are the advanced class. The elders' classes have plenty of students. 

We got the exciting news the President Uchtdorf will be coming to Romania after he is in Germany! This is the first time Romania has had someone from the first presidency or the 12 apostles visit. So that is super cool! We can't ,wait to hear from him! 

Yeah, sorry I really have nothing exciting to tell you guys, but don't worry the church is still true! I will now attach some pictures.
 I love you all! Hope you have a great week!

Two of our Elders very tired
Sora Vann

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