Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Gospel is Wonderful

Brasov Centru
I want to start off with talking about Daniella because she is so awesome and there is a lot to say. We met with her a lot this week and taught her about the commandments. She loves everything we teach her! AND exciting news! She moved up her baptism date to October 22. Teaching her has been such an amazing experience. I've gotten to see how her life changes for the better as she has accepted the gospel and she has noticed it too! She talked about this week how she just feels happier and lighter. I know I have seen this in my own life, but it is so cool to see it in someone else's! Sadly, she left Friday for a week long vacation, so we won't get to see her this week. 
Parkul Nou (The new park - literally)

We also have been reading the Book of Mormon out loud in public a lot because of our Book of Mormon challenge. We had some super cool experiences because of that. We have been able to teach a least like one random person a day about the Book of Mormon because they ask us about it when they notice us reading. We have given a lot of people Book of Mormons as well! 
Selfie in Bran

I'm sorry I can't think of any funny stories from this week but I do have pictures from Bran castle! (Dracula's Castle but not really) 

Inside of Bran

I love all the emails everyone sends and appreciate all the love and support.  It means a lot.
Have a great week!
Sora Vann
Bran Castle
Romanian Countryside from Bran

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