Monday, September 5, 2016

Bubble Popping Crazy

At the train station before Sora Jerez left  ( Sora Jerez, Sora Savioe, and Me)

Being in the trio for three days with my new companion and my old companion was so super weird! But I had to say goodbye to Sora Jerez on Wednesday and I cried like a baby!  My new companion, Sora Savoie, has been super supportive with everything, so that is amazing. And don't worry, I got pictures before the crying started. 
Sora Jerez and I before she left

This week has just been super crazy with getting Sora Jerez off and then Sora Savoie getting all moved in and getting the apartment cleaned and such. A small apartment with three sisters; one is moving out and one who is moving in,  is absolute craziness! It's been pretty weird having to get used to a new companion but Sora Savoie is super awesome! She is a lot different than Sora Jerez ,but they are both amazing, hard working missionaries.  We did have some awesome lessons with Daniella this week and she is progressing so much! We taught her word of wisdom this week ,and she said that only problem she had with it was black tea. We talked a little bit about it and she said that she will give it up to see how Heavenly Father will bless her because of it. She is so awesome.  

Our little group in Centru before Sora Jerez left

Picture that pretty much sums up our (Elders Jensen, Wilkes, & Broberg)
I also finally got my visa this week! Woohoo I can finally stay here for the next 18 months! The picture even turned out not that bad! 

Again, I don't really have any good stories from this week. Maybe next week! 
 I love you all! 
Sora Vann

Picnic with Daniella (Elder Broberg, Wilkes, Sora Savioe, and Me)
Elder Broberg, Wilkes, Me, Sora Savioe and Daniella - Great Mac and Cheese)

 Okay so I totally forgot to write about this (my bad) but we had an awesome picnic with Daniella and the elders at the church (the other ones where there but they didn't make the pictures). It was super fun and the food was really yummy because Daniella is an amazing cook! She made this really amazing homemade mac and cheese! Oh how I have missed mac and cheese! and there was other yummy foods too. The last picture is actually from last week. We went to the Mirons (who are members) and had a cook out at their house. Also super fun!

Cook-out with the Mirons

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