Monday, September 26, 2016

Daniela's Baptism and Hair Dying

Don't worry, my hair was not the hair that got dyed!  

Daniela and Me - Baptism Day
So Daniela's baptism was this Saturday and it was awesome :) We were a little worried that Elder Jensen might have to awkwardly, try to baptize her on his knees; in like two feet of water because our ward clerk was insistent that the baptismal font would only take an hour to fill up. (It actually takes like 2 1/2).
Elder Jensen, Daniela, and Me - Baptism Day

Our District at Daniela's Baptism

Me, Sora Jerez (on Skype), Daniela and Sora Savoie at Daniela's Baptism

So we ended up starting a half hour late and the font was filling,literally, as she walked into it. But it all turned out okay! Sora Jerez got to Skype in for it, so that was awesome :) Daniela was so happy and her testimony afterward was beautiful. Elder Broberg confirmed her on Sunday :)

Our District (In black and white)
Other things that happened this week: 

We dyed Sora Savoie's hair from quite blonde to dark brown. It was quite fun. I can now say I have dyed someone's hair on my mission. :)

Me and Sora Savoie with her new color
We excitedly bought this huge thing of peanut butter from a store that had it for "America week". (and by huge I mean like normal American sized). They also had maple syrup on their America week sign; which we laughed about for a while. The peanut butter ended up being not very good, so that was sad. Oh well! I'm still eating it.... 

Eating Pancakes at Daniela's

We went to Daniela's every morning this week to read The Book of Mormon with her and one morning she made us pancakes :) 
No - It's my Pancake!  (Daniela & Sora Savoie)
We made lemon bars for Daniela's baptism, but we don't have any measuring cups (because they don't exist here in do people cook???). so they turned out super bad!  We just threw them away and brought Nutella for Daniela's clatite (they are like crepes) instead. 

We all shared our "Joseph Smith stories" (how we came to know the church is true) in District meeting this week in Romanian and it was super cool to hear everyone's. The spirit was incredibly strong. It was cool because we have three very young missionaries and three older missionaries in our district, but you felt the spirit just as strongly with the missionaries that could share their story very easily and fluently, as you did with the ones that stumbled more with their words (me being one of them ha ha). 

Also cool stuff from the Elders. They called us Saturday night after we had gotten home from cleaning the church building with them. They told us that it had taken them forever to get home and had to wait for a bus that never came. Then had taken two different taxis and so on; only to get home and find they had lost their keys somewhere. I felt so bad for them! After they were done explaining the situation, the thought to ask them if they had prayed popped into my head. So I did. They said they hadn't thought of that yet and they would go try that right then. They called back 5 minutes later and said that they got off on a random floor in their building and knelt down to pray. As Elder Jensen knelt down to prayer he felt something in one of his pockets. He quickly checked it and it was the keys! He swears that he checked that pocket several times before that. So super cool :)  

Anyway I love you all! Have a great week :) 


Sora Vann

I need a hat like this!  Thanks Elder Wilkes
It's a little too big.

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