Monday, September 12, 2016

I met President Uchtdorf!

My new companion - Sora Savoie and I at the Mission Conference
So . . . yeah, super awesome! He was here from Monday through Wednesday! Most of the missionaries in Romania didn't get to meet him till Wednesday though. Wednesday and Thursday we had our mission conference which was awesome!  Wednesday we all went down to Bucuresti  (Bucharest) and President Uchtdorf spoke to just
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
the missionaries. He spoke for probably an hour and I just took so many notes! One of the biggest things he talked about was, that we are all children of Heavenly Father. We are all divinely special and are loved so much! The other thing he talked about a lot, was just sticking to basic core beliefs; sticking to the basic and simple gospel of Christ. It really was so amazing and we all got to shake his hand and talk to him a little bit!

Sora Savoie, Elder Jensen, and I 

Reunion of my MTC companions at the Mission Conference
Also, because of mission conference, I got to see all of my old companions again! It was so amazing! I love all of them so much! We also got to go to a beautiful castle, eat really yummy food, and be spiritual uplifted :) (there's lots of pictures.)

Daniela and I on our hike today
Selfie Time on our Hike - Sora Savoie and I
Other amazing news, Daniela moved up her baptismal date! She is getting baptized September 24 (I know it's next week!) We couldn't be more excited for her! She is so ready and her mom is even coming down from Switzerland because she knows how important this is for her! Her mom even said she has noticed an amazing change in Daniela. We were talking to her about everything and she said she has never been as happy as she is now :) It's amazing how much the gospel blesses peoples lives! It's been so wonderful to be able to see that on such an up close and personal level! I love Daniela so much and I am so happy for her :) 
Beautiful trail and waterfall on our hike.

We went on an awesome hike this morning,but it pretty much took the whole day! I will be sending many pictures from that as well :) Anyway I hope you all have a great week! 
I love you lots! 

 Sora Vann
Daniela, Elder Jensen, and I on our Hike
Beautiful Trees from our hike today

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