Monday, October 3, 2016

Block Knocking, Birthday, and Brasov

Elder Wilkes, Me and Sora Savoie looking over Brasov.
So this is going to be a short one! 

First off, we had an super awesome time going block knocking with Daniela this week! Block knocking is when we go into an apartment building and knock on people's door and see if they are interesting in hearing our message. We went and knocked the block next to hers and we had the most success I have ever had going block knocking! Plus it was just super cool having Daniela there with us. She was awesome! :) 

After we went blocking knocking with her, we sat in on a lesson with her mom and the missionaries in Switzerland via Skype. Daniela's mom has started taking the lessons in Switzerland, which is super awesome but she has to take them in English. Her english is pretty good, but sometimes she doesn't understand; so Daniela Skypes in to help translate for them. We stayed for it this time and it was awesome because the missionaries committed her to a baptismal date on November 4, and she accepted! We are so excited for her :) 
Elder Broberg's Birthday Party (Jacobsen, Wilkes, Broberg)

We also had an awesome lunch party with Daniela and all the missionaries on Friday. She said she wanted to do something nice for all of us because of how much we have done for her. We also turned it into a surprise birthday party for Elder Broberg (his birthday is in two weeks). We had lots of yummy food and a lot of laughing! 

Elder Broberg's cake

General Conference was good but I didn't understand a whole lot since we watched it in Romanian. ha-,ha I'll be excited for the next one when I can understand a lot more! 

The amazing view of Brasov from the sign

We also hiked to the Brasov sign today and that was super fun! Finally got to do that after being here for about 20 weeks! 

Anyway I told you guys it would be short, but I hope you all have a great week!
The Brasov sign
 I love you guys! 


Sora Vann 

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