Monday, October 24, 2016

5 Months in Romania!

Saying good-by to Sora DJB for the week
So this morning we dropped Sora DJB off at the airport to head up to Cluj for a week because a sister needs to get surgery, but we will get Sora DJB back in like a week so no worries!  It will just be Sora Padgett and I this week! 

Monday night we met up with one of our investigators, Larisa. She is the one who took us to the Jewish Messianic church last week. We meet up with her at a restaurant and a guy from the church was with her. We were a little worried he was going to try to turn it into bible bashing and he did. So that was fun. Not. But Larisa said that she's reading the Book of Mormon and she knows it's true!  That's super amazing! She also basically took every handout Sora DJB had on her because she wants to learn everything. We are hoping this week we can meet with just her. :) 

Finally a picture of Bucuresti for y'all
On Wednesday, two of our lessons fell through and so we ended up going to visit a less active member our branch president has suggested we go try to see. We stopped and got her a flower on the way. Well, we get there and she lets us in and we ask her how she is doing and she just breaks down crying. Turns out her sister and nephews had just died in a car accident the week before. She said she was so glad that we came to visit her. The crazy thing is that when our branch president told us to try to go visit her this week he had no idea what had happened. It really showed me that Heavenly Father knows each one of his children and watches out for them and will take care of them. 

Lunch with our Iranian friends
Oh yeah! I got to meet a recent convert couple this week who are from Iran! They are amazing! We went over and had lunch with them on Tuesday and dinner with them on Sunday. We also taught them how to make brownies :) She is an amazing cook and they both are so sweet and have strong testimonies :) 

Other quick random things: 
Our door after being heart attacked!
We had the most intense game of Signs this Friday night for games night. It was so much fun.
The Elders where supposed to go change a light bulb for an elderly member in our branch (actually one of the first members in Romania) and somehow they got lost on the way. So we went instead. Then all of us were too short to change we just had dinner with her instead. The Elders lose :)
The other sisters heart attacked our door Monday night :) 
Sunday was my 5 month in the country mark! 
Fall is everywhere here!
 We had a random guy on a bus this week ask if we would be his wife so he could go to America....I told him we couldn't help him with that. 

Overall a great week :) I love you guys all so much! 
I hope you all have a great week! 

Love, Sora Vann

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