Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Here We Go!!

               MTC DAY

Kate will be the author of these blogs, but figured I (mom) would start the ball rolling.

Kate entered the MTC today!!  It is a beautiful sunny day here in Provo, which made it all the nicer.   Everything went smoothly.  I was worried the whole process would feel very rushed and too quick.  It wasn't so bad.  They were very organized (of course) and everyone was very nice and smiley.   We pulled up to the gait at the MTC and were greeted by a Senior Missionary Elder.  We were then directed to the left, once he put a red tag on the windshield to indicate we had a sister missionary to deliver.  We pulled to the curb in the spot we were directed and a cute little dark haired sister missionary came up to help.  She even offered to take our picture, which we said, "Sure."  Another Elder helped get the big suitcase.  While the men got the luggage, I was getting in my hugs.  Kate is such a good hugger.  The luggage was on the curb, we had our hugs (Walt and I), then off she went with her new friend.  They were quite cute together.  As we pulled around the circle, I looked to see if I could still see Kate, but she was already inside.
So now her adventure starts!! She will do great.  We are so proud of her.  
For anyone who wants to write to Kate while she is in the MTC and want her to get it before her weekly email, you can go to  (that is Dear Elder).  If you get it written there by 12 pm, they will deliver it to her that day.  This only works while she is in the MTC, which until April 24th.  (Her Birthday!!)

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