Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week Two - Moving Along


My Companions and Me at Provo Temple
This past week as gone super fast! We had a lesson with Radu that we want to try not to script it out completely and we were super nervous about.We want in and tired really hard to just follow the spirit and figure out what Radu needed to hear. It went super well! I really felt like we told hi exactly what he needed to hear and we commit him to baptism! Yay! The next lesson with him we tried to do the same thing but we didn't prepare enough and it did not go very well, there were a lot of awkward pauses where we were trying to figure out what to say and how to say it in Romanian. 
Sister Maingot and Wanamaker (Our STLs)

My Zone (all districts)
Funny story Sister Nicol got a slip saying she got a package so she went to go pick it up and it was actually a package for me. Because of the way my mom wrote my name and because the package people didn't read it carefully enough they thought my middle (nicole) was my last name. So poor sister Nicol, but its okay because she got a package the next day.                                                                            

Some of our Elders and the STLs
Pretty much all the other people in our zone left today so that was super sad. We only knew them a little over a week but I love them so much! As a result of that my companions and I are the new Sister training letters for our zone. We have 15 new missionaries that are coming in on wednesday for our zone so that will be fun. 

We read a wonderful talk by Elder Holland this week called the Miracle of a Missionary. I highly recommended it. I just love Elder Holland so much! 

My companions and me
Sunday we got to hear from Elder Ballard in a Easter Devotional so that was super awesome. It was so wonderful to hear his special witness that Christ lives and he is our savior! 

I love you all so much! 

Love Sora Vann 


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