Monday, March 21, 2016

First Week at the MTC

My District- All going to Romania
I made it through to the first Sunday! It has been a crazy four days though. The language is a little harder to learn than I thought it would be, just because they use sounds that we don't use in english (or french for that matter) at all. I know I will get it though eventually with the Lords help. My companions are a big help to me with the language. I'm in a trio! So I get two companions :) I love both of them so much already. They are both from Utah. My district (all the elders and sisters going to Romania) is super awesome. The Elders are all so goofy which makes class super fun! 

We taught our first lesson in Romanian on Thursday. So that was super crazy. We were all kind of like you want us to do what now? We basically just had to right down what we were going to say and then just read off of our paper. Our investigator is named Radu (hes actually one of our teachers) and he is going to easy on us. The second lesson we taught him was on Friday and we taught him about the first vision (when God and Christ appeared to Joseph Smith) and he took it really well. He agreed to pray about Joseph Smith which was super awesome because I thought he might say no. 

The crazy Elders
The spirit is so incredible here. It so nice to have so much time to just really study the scriptures and the gospel. My companions and I have started reading the Book of Mormon in Romanian together (Cartae Lui Mormon) and even though we don't really understand what we are reading yet you can still feel the spirit testify of its truthfulness as we read. I'm sure i will have more to write about next week! I love you all! Te iubesc! 

Love Sora Vann 


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