Monday, May 30, 2016

I'm in Brasov!!

So I'm super sad because I forgot the card reader for pictures. Anyway I love it here so much! My trainer is awesome! I seriously couldn't have asked for a better person to be my trainer! Since I came without a lot of warning, I really just got thrown into things! As soon as we got to Brasov, we had to teach an English class and then had FHE (Family Home Evening) afterwards. So I was super tired. 

Our branch is one of the few with an actual church building, so that's nice. We only have two hours of  church though, because our members apparently don't get along very well with each other. We didn't really get to meet with a lot of our investigators (people we are teaching about our church) but we did meet with a few members and a less active (someone who is a member is not currently going to church). We had a great lesson with her! We talked about how she can rebuild her faith in God.  We think we really helped her think about that and feel the spirit. We had her share a spiritual experience she has had in the past and that was super awesome.  A lot of people like to speak English with us because they want to practice, so that lesson was in English. 

We had a concert at the church, where we ended up doing like all the singing and there was a person playing guitar. It ended up going super well actually, and had a lot of people that weren't members were there! We also had a wedding on Sunday, so we only ended up with one hour of church, because everyone left for the wedding.

We are helping one of our members get ready to go to the temple and she is so excited! Its awesome :) Also its rained almost everyday here, so after two days of having wet feet, I was finally able to get some rainboots! We also ended up running for buses a lot. haha. 

Sorry I'm super scattered brained. We had the craziest hike earlier today! We ended up hiking on top of a mountain through some snow, and it would hail/rain off and on, so that was fun. We had only brought like a light jacket too. Anyway I'm loving it here in Brasov :) and the Romanian is coming. haha I love you all! I promise I'll send pictures next week! 

Love Sora Vann!                                                                                            (The picture is from the concert)

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