Sunday, May 22, 2016

On Her Way!!!

At Check In
I see Kate only posted one time about her crazy ear experience. We have had so many miracles this past month.  First – we were finally able to see her regular ENT on May 12th.  (There was so many roadblocks)  Second – At the May 12th visit, the doctor looked into her ear, very thoroughly, and said the puncture has completely healed, no hole.  He wrote a letter to state that with no restrictions before we left the office.   Third – a prescription that had been held up in mailing, arrived the 13th.  Fourth, Elder Hacking,  European Mission Area Authority, was able to get her travel to Romania arranged one day prior to the trip Walt and I had planned months ago.  Miracle after miracle.
Kate was set apart again for her mission yesterday.  She felt complete again now that she had her name tag on. Today was flight day.  Her luggage didn’t weigh over 50 lbs (she was really worried), and all went well.  It was harder to say good-bye this time.  Not nearly as rushed.  The lines weren’t too bad and there was plenty of time.  She was so obliging with my many pictures.  We watched her until we couldn’t see her anymore.

She will fly to Heathrow Airport (London)  7 hour flight.  Then a 4 hour lay-over.  The flight to Bucharest, Romania will be another 3 ½ hours.  It will be a very long day/night for her.  She brought a little pillow and blanket.   Her mission president (President Ivory) will pick her up at the airport.  Then the real fun starts.

We are so very proud of Kate.  She has had such faith through all of this.  She is so excited about the opportunity to help the people of Romania come closer to Christ.  The rest of these posts will be from her.  I just copy and paste and add the great pictures.  Thank you for all your prayers through all of this. 

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