Monday, April 17, 2017

Paste Fericit! and one year as a missionary!

Sunday, was my one year mark as a missionary, so that was really crazy! Easter was a fun way to celebrate that :) 

I don't have a ton of time, so I'm just going to do the highlights from the week! 

Overlooking Cluj at night 
Monday night we hiked up to the cross which over looks almost all of Cluj; after getting some amazing Indian food. It was a super fun night with amazing people :) 

We made Sarmale with Sora Handebut (the most adorable member) and Sora Biehn for our branch Easter activity :) 

We had an amazing lesson with Irina, whose grandma just died, about the plan of salvation. We talked a lot about how she will get to see her grandma again and how we can find a lot of comfort through Christ. 
All the eggs :) and Sora Simmons ha-ha

Dying eggs with the gang 
We had a branch Easter activity that mainly just consisted of everyone eating all the sarmale that members made. There seriously was like 200 sarmale! The missionaries were in charge of dying 50 eggs for the activity, which was a ton of fun :) Lidia helped us and the Biehns took a ton of pictures! The kids had fun finding them :) Also one of the traditions here is to take an egg (usually a red one) and one person says Hristos a inviat (Christ is resurrected) and then the other person says adevarat, a inviat (true, He is resurrected) and then you hit the eggs together and the one whose doesn't crack - wins. Fun little Romanian tradition :) 

We went running with Lidia one morning and she told us how she is loving the Book of Mormon :) Her and her dad are fighting over who gets to read it at night. We will definitely be giving them another one so they don't have to fight ;)

We had the most American Easter dinner you can make in Romania with the Biehns and the Elders on Easter because no one else wanted to have us over (oh well). It was a lot of fun :) Felt like home!

Us and our tulips
Oh yeah on Saturday, a guys that sells flowers gave Sora Simmons, Lidia and I all two tulips for free for Easter :) Super sweet! 

Our hike this morning
Me, Lidia, and Sora Simmons on our hike
We went on a super awesome hike this morning with the Elders, the Biehns, and Lidia! I have lots of pictures :) 
Up high on our hike today

I think that's it! I love you guys so much! Have a great week!
 Sora Vann    

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