Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sweet Letter from Sr Missionaries in Cluj

This is Kate's mom.  Below is an email I received from Sora Biehn who is a new Senior Missionary couple in Kate's area - Cluj.  I have posted it with her permission.


This is Sister Biehn, my husband and I are serving as Senior Humanitarian Missionaries in Cluj-Napoca.  I just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you what an awesome daughter you have!!

We are starting a new area in Cluj-Napoca. A few of the sisters found our apartment and set things up for us. The evening we arrived in Cluj-Napoca, about 7:30 PM, she and Sister Simmons had lasagna, garlic bread and brownies ready for us.  The two Elders also came over. What a fantastic welcome that was!  My only regret is that we were so jet-lagged we didn't even think to take pictures.  After dinner they took us shopping to get a few things and acquaint us with the mall and items that we had no idea exactly what we were buying.  A couple days later they helped me purchase a new IPhone for our humanitarian work. It took two hours!!  She and Sister Simmons have been invaluable to us!

Not only is your daughter a great cook, she is a phenomenal missionary. We sat in on the missionaries role play teaching the Plan of Salvation.  I was so impressed with her knowledge and ability to explain that message.  Her ease with the language is very impressive. A few nights ago, she and Sister Simmons had one of their investigators over to our apartment.  I was amazed at how well your daughter handles herself and knows exactly what to say. The Spirit was so strong and she has a very strong testimony!  She is full of love for those she teaches. 

We have really come to love your daughter in just a matter of days. I wish President Ivory would leave both of them here until they go home!  I know that won't be possible and I will definitely shed a few tears when they leave.

I commend you in raising such an awesome daughter!

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