Monday, April 24, 2017

A week of Birthdays!

Some of the birthday decorations :) 
So Wednesday was Sora Gleason's birthday. Thursday was Daniela's birthday.  Friday was Cash's birthday (my nephew). Saturday was Sora DJB's birthday, and today is my birthday :) So there has just been a lot of birthday celebrating going on this week! 

My amazing breakfast Sora Simmons made me
Sora Simmon, bless her heart, has gone completely out of her way to make sure my birthday has been so special! She cooked me breakfast and lunch! And she decorated the apartment for my birthday last night after I went to sleep.         She is basically the best!

Our view from our hotel window, Casa Poporului (house of the people)

Anyways, we also had Sister's conference this week in Bucuresti and it was so much fun! It was great getting to see everyone and all the speakers were amazing and we got to stay in a super fancy hotel! I also got to see Alexandra Miron from Brasov and Daniela :) 
Me and Alexandra Miron!

The day after Sister's conference, we had exchanges and I got to be companions with Sora DJB again for a day! I love that girl so much! We had a ton of fun together! We went and saw Maria and talked to her more about baptism. She feels like she isn't ready and she doesn't know enough yet. We tried explaining to her that all she needs to know to get baptized, is that this church is true and the rest she can learn later. She seemed to agree with that, but she wants to read the Book of Mormon all the way through; which is a great idea. So we made a plan with her to help her do that :) The next day after our exchanges and Sister's conference, Sora Simmons and I laid on the floor after waking up, instead of exercising, because it felt like we got hit by a train! We are doing better now :) 
Selfie with DJB and the plane we took to Sister's Conference

Sora Simmons gave a talk on Sunday, and we had Lidia, Gabi (Lidia's friend), and Teo all at church (Maria was out of town). It was so awesome :) There are so many great things going on         right now here in Cluj.  We have so many great people, and I have a great companion!

I love you guys so much! Have a great week! 
Love Sora Vann

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