Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Where Do I Even Begin . . .

I have a lot of randoms thoughts from this week; so here we go...

Some of my most favorite people :) George and Sorina
First off, transfers are this week and I found out that I am going back to Brasov (my first city) for my last transfer. I still can't really believe it. I will miss everyone in Mihai Bravu soooo much. I made a lot of close friends here who I will miss dearly. But I am also excited to see all the members in Brasov again. I also can't believe I am starting my last transfer! It's literally so crazy! 
Can you tell how I love packing?!

My big thing I've thought about this week was about feeling peace through the atonement of Jesus Christ. My mission President had asked me how have I felt peace since being back after my sister died. I thought about it, and though I had felt a lot of peace when I was home for the funeral, as I looked back over the past three weeks I could only remember being sad. This thought really bothered me. After that I read a talk from lds.org  about grieving and one of the things it said was that we need to realize that you can feel sadness and peace at the same time.

The actually quote- "After a faithful member of the Church passes away, the surviving family members commonly report feeling profound peace that they will see that loved one again. At the same time, however, family members usually feel tremendous sadness. It is important for us to understand that one can feel both sadness and peace at the same time." (The Healing Power of Grief -By Steven Eastmond )

This had a big impact on me. I realized that over the past weeks as I feeling that tremendous sadness, there probably was a lot of peace there too that I just didn't realize. Over this past week, I have tried to notice the peace that Christ is continuously offering me, and I was able to see it and feel it more. I realized that just because I was feeling sad didn't mean that I couldn't feel peace at the same time. 

Other random things from this week: 

We had a ton of friends at sacrament meeting this week to say goodbye to Sora Schow and I. Sora Schow played "God be with you till we meet again" on the violin and the spirit was super strong for that; so hopefully they felt that :) 

I got clothes lined while playing red rover (short people problems). Elder Ditto said I would have made Americas funniest home videos if someone had been recording that. After that happened we made a rule that you had to keep your hands down ha-ha 

I hate packing so much! (only one more time after this!) 

Kitty from Mexican Restaurant
Our Group at the Mexican Restaurant
We went to a Mexican restaurant that actually tasted like Mexican food! (well, pretty close). It even looked super Mexican and they even had a cat, so I was pretty much in Heaven!  

One night as we were walking home, I saw this huge pile of watermelon this guy was selling (classic Romania) and I decided I wanted a picture. So I made Sora Schow go stand by all the watermelon and then the guy runs over and jumps in the picture with her, it was pretty fun. We talked with him and he was a really nice guy and he ended up giving us a free melon. I love Romanians. 

Watermelon Guy

   I think that is all for this week.  Have a great week.  I love you all so much!
Sora Vann

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