Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I'm Flying to CLUJ!

Beautiful Sunset in Bucaresti
Yep, that's right I'm flying; not taking a train. It's a little annoying because then I need to worry about how much my bags weigh, but a 45 minute flight is way better than a 6 hour train ride or something.  I'm super excited to go to Cluj! Can't wait to send you guys pictures! :)

Moose at the Mall (Gave him an English class card
This week has consisted of a lot of tea (herbal of course) and chicken broth because I was sick for about half of it and my stomach still isn't feeling super great. I started to get sick Monday evening and it just got worse from there. Tuesday, we ended up going to a less active members house who fed us Sarmale and Salata de Boeuf (which is kinda like potato salad). Needless to say it did not sit well with a stomach that already wasn't feeling good at all. Wednesday, I ended up staying home the whole day, but I stayed home with Sora DJB and Sora Padgett went with her companion (Sora Letinu) since it was Sora Padgett's last week. I had fun staying home with Sora DJB, but I was definitely ready to get back out Thursday. 

One of our adorable Young Women
I will really miss her.
Cool stuff of the week though is we were in the metro headed to meet with someone when they canceled on us. So we decided to go check in on a member that wasn't at church this week, which meant we need to go back to the metro stop we had just been at. When we got off, I decided I needed to go get a soda, so that hopefully the carbonation would help my stomach. While I was doing that one of my bills wouldn't go in and a guy behind us switched me for one he had. Well, we started talking to him and he spoke English, so he was excited to practice his English. He ended up asking about our church and straight up asked what we believe. I got to tell him straight up what we believe and bear simple testimony of our church and it was the coolest thing ever! 
Dumitrescu Family -  I just love them!

I don't have more time to write this week, but I can't wait to tell you guys all about my new adventures in Cluj next week! I love you all! Have a great week!

                                                                     Love,    Sora Vann
One of my adorable English Students


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