Monday, November 28, 2016

Cluj - Napoca (Cluj)

On the way to Cluj on the plane
So this week has been absolutely crazy with flying to Cluj and everything! Where to even start!?

I met this super cool girl at the airport and she was on my flight. Our flight ended up getting delayed for 2 hours and we talked the whole time. We talked a lot about the fact that I'm a missionary and what I'm doing here and everything. Then it turns out that our seats were next to each other on the plane! How cool! So we got to talk on the plane as well. As we were about to land, I felt like I needed to give her the Romanian Book of Mormon I had in my bag. So I did. I told her it was a gift for how nice she had been to me and everything. She was so happy! She thanked me for it and said she would read it and that she already knew about it! I almost couldn't believe it. I knew then, that I was supposed to meet this girl and talk with her so I could give her the Book of Mormon :) 

Other random things: 
Cluj Centru  (You can see some of the Christmas lights)
We had a big Thanksgiving dinner with all our members at the Church. There was chicken and pork instead of turkey but that was okay, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and even some cranberry sauce :) It wasn't super close to your traditional American Thanksgiving but it was still a lot of fun :)
Sora Dusenberry (new companion) and Me

We went block knocking Sunday and knocked on the door of an orthodox Priest. It was quite funny because he was just like oh no - what do you want? Then he gave us two books about the Orthodox religion which we were like, okay haha. So that was funny. But we also found someone who was interested in hearing about our church!  We are going back next week to teach her about the restoration :) 

We had signs up for our English class this Saturday and normally not a lot of people sign up. But this time we had over 100 people sign up! We had to start a waiting list. Craziness. The super funny thing is though there were (and we counted) 99 are girls and only 20 are guys. 
Silly Faces

We also visited with a lot of less actives this week. It was really cool because after every single one, Sora Dusenberry would tell me that their last visit did not go like that at all. That they were so much happier and receptive to us this time. 

Our little Christmas Tree
Today we decorated for Christmas and we are so excited for this Christmas season :) Also, it's pretty dang cold up here in Cluj. I had to finally break out my big winter jacket I had bought! 

Anyway I think that's everything.! I'm loving Cluj :) Have a great week!
Love Sora Vann   

P.S.  My new companion is a lot taller than me and her name is Sora Dusenberry.


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