Monday, December 19, 2016

And A Partridge in a Pear Tree

(So sorry I forgot to post this last week)
                                              So Sora Dusenberry and I did a ton of running for buses this week! Try running a 150 meter sprint in a pencil skirt! It's something else!  haha 

For our branch's weekly activity this week, we had a talent show. Our district sang the 12 days of christmas for it and it turned our being quite funny. We got a lot of laughs and the members really enjoyed it and we had fun doing it :) 

My super cool story of the week though is about our new friend Vanessa! She is one of our English students and she is awesome! :) Sora Dusenberry and I both noticed her and felt something special about her. One day after English, she came up to Sora Dusenberry and said I need something from you- I can't find you on Facebook! Sora gave her our number instead and she said she would text us. Now usually that means we might hear from them and if we do it's like in a week or something but she texted us that night! We suggested meeting up sometime and she said how about tomorrow? We said of course! She was super excited about meeting up too! When we met up with her we just talked for a little bit getting to know her and everything and then we showed the new Christmas video (which you can find on its called Light the World :) with her and she cried! She loved it. Later we invited her to take the lessons and she said she would love that! She even asked if she could come to church ! We are going to be teaching her about the Restoration tomorrow  and we can't wait :) 

We also have another friend named Teo, who has been taking the lessons for a little bit now but still hasn't read the Book of Mormon. We had planned to talk about prayer in our lesson with her this week but when we started talking I felt like I needed to change it and talk about the Book of Mormon again. I was very bold with her and said if she really wants to know if this book is true or not, if this church is true or not, she needs to read the book and pray about it. I promised her that if she did this, she would receive an answer. She said she would start reading that day :) and when she came to church, the first thing she said to me was I have been reading the Book of Mormon! with the biggest smile on her face :) She was so happy and I was so happy for her! 

Other fun things of the week: 

-I have now had to start layering my tights to keep my legs warm enough 

-we played that game where you possibly  get hit in the face with whipped cream (and I did haha)

-we went to a Christmas concert at the Pentecostal church sunday and it was super cool :) 

-this week was also saint Nicholas day and Sora Dusenberry was sneaky and filled my boots with candy :) How sweet! 

-we went and visited a huge out catholic church today and it was so pretty!

I think that's about it for this week! I love you all.  

Hope you have a great week!
Love Sora Vann!

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