Monday, December 26, 2016

Craciun Fericit !

So it's been a fun crazy week of Christmas! To start off, we decided to give our friend Maria (from the Christmas targ) a Book of Mormon and show her the "Light the World" video. She loved the video and wanted to share it with her family and friends! She was also pleasantly surprised about the Book of Mormon! She could tell we were sharing it with from our hearts and I think that made the difference for her. She said she would start reading it that night! 

Wednesday was Zone Conference, and that was really good as always, and we had our big Christmas concert that night. Sora Dusenberry and I had handed out over 600 flyers for it in the past two weeks, so we were really hoping lots of people would come. They didn't. haha We only had two people come, but thats okay. One of the guys we had given a flyer to, ended up meeting with the Elders later that day and when he realized that we were from the same church, he took it as a sign, and is now investigating the church! The concert was awesome :) I got to see Elder Wilkes because he played piano for it! Love that kid!

Christmas Eve was super fun! We went over to a member's house in the morning and helped her make christmas sweets! It was a lot of fun and she said she was so glad when we called. She really needed that! She has two little kids and Sora Dusenberry was able to play with them and keep them entertained while Sora Kiss and I did the baking :) Then that night, we went Caroling with the Elders to different members! It was a lot of fun and the members were really enjoying it :) Sora Dusenberry and I opened and put on our matching Christmas pjs that night! (there's pictures)

Christmas was a lot of awsome! Sora and I had a lot of fun opening presents together in the morning before church. At church, we sang a lot of Christmas songs and read the Christmas story from the Bible. Afterwards,we went to a member's house named Felicia and she gave us the Romanian Christmas classic, Sarmale! She also gave us a lot of desserts and we couldn't finish them all so she gave them to us to take with us. We decided to go give them to the people that were working at the Christmas targ and they all loved it :) 

It was great getting to Skype my family of course! Oh and we had a white Christmas, so that was great :) That's about it! I hope you guys all had a great Christmas and that you have a great new years as well! Love you lots! 
Love Sora Vann

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