Monday, February 13, 2017

Staying in Cluj!

Not a ton to write about this week, but that's okay! First off transfers were this week, but I am going to be staying in Cluj with Sora Gleason for another transfer! Yay! Anyways...

Seeing Daniela at the Airport -  So good to see her again!!
In the beginning of this week, I was talking to Daniela and seeing how she is doing and everything. While we are talking she just randomly says - oh yeah, my mom is going to be landing in Cluj in a hour and you guys should go see her at the airport if you have time! Of course we went, and it was great getting to see and talk to her! I haven't seen her since she got baptized :) She is doing great though ! So that was fun. 

Ghetto Romanian Garage
We had a super cool experience block knocking this week! We had gotten a lot of rejection that night, but someone finally said "yes" to watching our video about Christ Afterwards they invited us in to talk more! We ended up teaching them about the restoration of our church and giving them a Book of Mormon. One of my favorite things I get to do as a missionary is bare testimony that I know that book is true and that it has helped me so much in my life. We hope to continue teaching that family. :) 

Teo and Me!!
Saturday we went over to Teo's with the Elders to make/eat spring rolls with her. It was quite interesting. She just made all the ingredients that went in them, and then we just put them together ourselves as we ate. It was funny because Elder Oak (who is half Korean) the only one who is any kind of Asian, really struggled with making his. We laughed at him a lot. haha. It was a ton of fun and now that Teo is done with exams, she promised that she would get back to reading the Book of Mormon! I told her we should have a competition to see who can finish it first in Romanian! So that will be fun :) 

Our District!
We also had Branch Conference this Sunday, and it was awesome because we had so many investigators at church! We had two and the Elders had five! Teo came and loved it! :) A recent convert, Fratele Balough, got called to our branch presidency, so now President Lepure has a counselor !  Yay! We are all so happy for him because he has been doing everything by myself for a while now. This will be great for our branch :) 

I think that's about everything! I hope you guys have a great week! I love you all! 

 Sora Vann

Oh yeah! I also got to see Daniela at the airport here in Cluj before she went home!  

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