Monday, February 20, 2017

Valentine's and Giant Jellyfish

Beautiful Sunset from our apartment
I'm sorry, this weekly is going to be kinda lame because I don't really have many pictures or a lot to write about. So, sorry! 

Last Monday, we spent  2 1/2 hours cleaning the apartment that the Elders moved out of and the sisters moved into. It was pretty bad! They didn't have a vacuum and their broom was broken in half, so we tried our best. ha ha!

On Tuesday/ Valentines day I got to see my valentine! Daniela, of course! We had lunch with her before she flew back to Bucuresti. It was so good to spend some time with her again and she how she is doing :)

Blocks in Romania  (Their idea of apartments)
My funny story this week from blocking knocking, is about this guy who came out shirtless after we had left his door. He comes out and asks if we are the ones who knocked on his door. I said yes, and that we are volunteers and we have a video about Christ (in Romanian). He looks at me and says in broken English " I don't speak English..." I look at Sora Gleason confused, at which point she says to the guy, "That wasn't English, that was Romanian..." He didn't seem to believe us, oh well. haha

Teo's adorable dog, Cesaer
Teo took us to this super cool tea place this week! The room she picked was a little trippy, because it was a black light room with giant stuffed jellyfish with black lights in them hanging from the ceiling (not real dont worry). But! Teo committed to be better about reading the Book of Mormon! We told her that when she catches up to me (I'm in 2 Nephi 28 in Romanian,, as well) we will go to this Thai food place she really wants to take us! We got a text from her this morning saying she was going to spend all day reading, so we can go get Thai food tomorrow :) Also, the tea was like the best tea I've ever had. Extra side bonus ;)  (Herbal tea of course.)

I think that's it for this week! Sorry, I don't have more! I love you all! Have a great week! 

 Sora Vann

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