Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A week of protests and British accents

Silly Faces - Sora Gleason and Me!
So people all over Romania have been protesting all week  about the government letting past leaders, who they don't like and think are corrupt, out of prison. They are really peaceful protest though; so nothing to worry about and they mostly just get in the way of traffic and buses. We had to walk home one night after meeting with someone because all the buses we backed up. 

When you are building a block but than ran out of money....there were people living in this block
We did a lot of block knocking this week and meet a cool new family! The husband (least we think they are married) is from Turkey and is Muslim. The wife is from Romania and is Christian. They weren't interested in our video about Christ but they were interested in our free English class, and they invited us in for tea. We stayed and talked for about a half an hour and they asked us so many questions about our church. It was super cool! We talked a little bit about Joseph Smith, and he seemed really interested that we believe in current prophets. 

A license plate we found on the ground the night we walked home 
Other things from this week: 

We got JWed (Jehovah Witnesses). There are a lot of Jehovah Witnesses here who like to show us mormon missionaries that we are wrong. We ran into this nice lady and started talking to her and we find out she is a Jehovah's Witness. She tries to give us a pamphlet and than pulls out her Bible and starts reading us verses. We politely told her we had to go. She also flat out told us the Book of Mormon is not scripture. To each their own...

The Elders decided to pretty much only talk in British accents for the past week. It made district meeting quite entertaining.

The Steak - Yum!!
Sora Gleason and I decided we really missed steak and went and got steak this week from a restaurant and it was so good! 

Everyone in college is busy this week with exams :( so that kinda stinks right now.


I think that's about it! I love you all! Hope you guys have a great week! 

 Sora Vann 

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