Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Quick Weekly

Sora Gleason and I - ready to Paint Ball (Story coming up)
Quick weekly! We had a missionary broadcast this week and it was great! A lot of good stuff was said, and they changed a few things around. (like planning in the morning and we now only have 4 key indicators) but that all means nothing to a lot of you, so anyway! 

We also had lunch with a less active and it was great! She is a super cool lady from the United States living in Romanian because of her husband's job. We have really started to develop a great friendship with her :) 

Parcul Central  (Where we did chalk contacting)

We went chalk contacting this Sunday and it went super well! We wrote "Ce va aduce fericire?" Which means "What brings you happiness?", and asked people to write their answers down on the sidewalk. It went super well! We got a lot of people to write, and were able to start a lot of good conversations :) 

Chalk Contacting  "What Brings you Happiness?"

Car with ghetto license plate (made out of cardboard)
On Saturday, Elder Wagner (our district leader) called us and told us that President Lepure (our branch president) wanted each of us to give a ten minute talk on Sunday about how we stay disciplined on our missions. We started freaking out. So we called President Lepure; turns out he actually just wanted us to give comments about that in Sunday School, totaling ten minutes between all 6 missionaries. We were very relieved to say the least. 
Our District - Paint Balling on P-Day!

Fun thing of the day! We went paintballing with the Elders and one of their investigators today and it was so much fun! 

Me and Sora Gleason - Armed and Ready to shoot some paint!

Afterwards, we got burgers; which were the best burgers I've had in Romania! It was a good P-day :) 
Best Burger Ever!!
Getting my burger.  Paint went through the camo top.

Sorry, that's it for the week! Hope you guys have a great week! Love you guys! 

 Sora Vann

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