Monday, January 16, 2017

Half Way There!!!

Gleason and Vann on the frozen lake
Today is my half way mark on my mission and it's crazy! I feel like I just barely got out here still! 
Anyway, I forgot to mention this last Monday but in the morning we meet with this really cool women named Andrea. She is a therapist and we were talking about her job and the conversation naturally just followed into us talking about the plan of salvation. We taught her the whole thing right there and then, it was so cool! She thinks every religion is right so I don't know if she will want to get baptized anytime soon but it was a super cool experience :) 

Selfie - Block Knocking

We did a lot of block knocking this week because like no one wanted to meet with us, but hey that's okay! We had some really cool experiences and some really interesting experiences. One time, when we were blocking knocking , our video flyer (the thing that we use to show people videos) died. So we decided to ask people if they wanted a free Book of Mormon. One lady we asked, started asking us questions. We then basically taught a whole lesson on this lady's door step! It was so awesome! She didn't seem very interested but maybe she'll decided to read the Book of Mormon we gave her :) A different night we went blocking knocking didn't go so well. To sum it all up, I fell down the stairs twice (I'm fine don't worry haha), had a lady open her door and yell at us and then slam it.  (she said "You go from door to door asking every person if they have faith or not, why do you care?! *slam), and a man tell us you can't sell Jesus (we told we aren't selling Him, He is free :) Sora Gleason and I just laugh about those thing now. haha 

Cluj in the Snow
Super cool experience of the week, is a guy named Rares! We met him at the mall. He was working at a bank kiosk and stopped us and asked if we had a minute. Since we ask people that all the time I figured we could give this guy a few of our minutes. He didn't end up getting us to sign up for a credit card but we did tell him about our free English class. I've never seen someone's face light up so fast! He was so excited. He came on Saturday to class and loved it! At the end of class, he asked if this is where we have church. I said yes, and then he asked when. I told him Sunday at 10. He said he would see us Sunday, and he came! Afterwards he had questions about the Book of Mormon and said that he had loved church! :)
Eggs and Butter at the Market

Other fun things:
Our Branch President's son Dani got baptized this Saturday :) 

We made rice krispy treats for the baptism, except we made them with corn flakes because it's hard to find rice kripsies here. 

Sora Gleason on the frozen lake
We walked on a frozen lake by our apartment like the rebels we are ;) 

Sora Gleason with the friendly dog
And we made friends with a very friendly stray dog.

I think thats everything for this week :)
 I love you all!
 Have a great week :) 


 Sora Vann!

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