Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

The Stage in Centru for New Year's Eve (Cluj)
We didn't get that much snow compared to a lot of other places in Romania but it snowed on and off all week this week. I love it and Sora Gleason hated it (it's okay, she's from California). 

So this week was awesome! We did a lot of blocking knocking (when we go into a block (an apartment building) and knock on every door). This time we asked people if they wanted to watch a video about Christ. We got some funny responses, some mean responses, and some awesome ones as well :) One guy said "Don't be mad, but I'm communist and atheist." We just couldn't help but laugh at that one after he had shut the door. He was this cute adorable little old man!  Another guy said he was busy right now but we could come over another time. So we got his number and his name and we both swear that he said his name was "nachos" but with a Romanian accent. We laughed about that one for a while too. We also had about 4 people that actually seem interested in our message :) 
Sora Gleason and Me (Flash is bright)

We also visited a member this week named Sora Lepure (Iepure is rabbit in Romanian. hehe)  We went and visited her even though we couldn't get a hold of her before hand. I felt bad about going over there unannounced but felt a really strong feeling that we should. When we got there she was so happy that we had come. She said it was exactly what she needed :) She is having a hard time right now so we were able to go over and just talk with her and help her feel better. :)  
Maria (from the Christmas Targ) and Me

They don't really have Mexican food here (I know - it's really upsetting!) but there is a Mexican restaurant in the mall, and Sora Gleason and I both really love Mexican food. We decided to try it. It didn't taste like Mexican food at       all, it was sad!  But it's all good! 

I think that's everything! I love you guys and hope you all have a great week! 

Sora Vann

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