Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Miracles and Ciorba

Companion selfie 
So we had a lot of awesome things happen this week :) 

We made a plan with Teo for preparing for her baptism, and it was good :) She told us that she prayed about baptism and she feels good about it. She is continuing to read the Book of Mormon and she writes on sticky notes any questions she has so she can ask us next time we see her, and its great :) She is so awesome! 

We also had an awesome game night this week! Last week no one ended up coming but this week we had about 7 people come and it was great! We played the game -Signs, ate lots of snacks, and had a small spiritual thought at the end :)

The targ in centru for Martisor (a fun Romanian holiday) :)
On Saturday, we went and talked to our friend Suzie (a cute little older lady we met who has a street booth). We gave her a Book of Mormon and she was super happy about it! We also found out the Suzie's daughter ran into the other Sister missionaries and apparently told them, she was interested in learning more about our church! Hopefully, they take that as a sign :) We also made Ciorba on Saturday night and we were really proud of ourselves because it turned out really good! Ciorba is a sour Romanian soup that is super yummy! 
Some flowers the we bought for each other on Martisor

A cute dog that lives near our block :)
Sunday night, we went blocking knocking and had the coolest thing happen to us! We decided to knock a block we had tried to knock a previous time, but weren't able to get in. This time we did get in. The fourth door we knocked on, a guy answers, looks at us, and then starts to close his door again. But then he saw the Book of Mormon in my hand and says, Can you give me that book???" Turns out, he had met the missionaries in Italy and learned a little bit about the church there, but then moved back to Romanian and lost contact with the missionaries. He has been looking for a Romanian Book of Mormon ever since, because he thinks it has something in it that Christ needs him to know. Sora and I just could not believe it! He said he was going to start studying it that night! What an amazing miracle :) 

It's been a good week.  I love you all and hope your week will be a good one.
Sora Vann

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