Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Street food festival 
This week in Oradea, there was a street food festival and it was a ton of fun! The food was definitely not cheap but it was good and the environment was so much fun. They had beanbags chairs on the grass everywhere and a stage set up with a band playing and lights and it was just super chill. We went there for lunch one day and got a crepe there another day :) 

Mariana and us at the street food festival
We had some awesome lessons with Mariana this week! She is so prepared to be baptized! Her faith and courage is amazing. She completely stopped drinking coffee! yay! We taught her about the law of chastity, tithing, and fasting this week and she was just like - yeah that sounds good. She is so excited to learn everything she can. Everything we give her, she can't wait to read. It's amazing! It makes me happy because it reminds me of Daniela. Daniela was exactly the same way before she was baptized. It is so amazing to see the change this church and this gospel can have in someone's life. 
Exploring Oradea with Sora Anderson

We also had exchanges this week with Arad and I was with Sora Anderson. We had a fun time. Our lesson cancelled on us so we decided to go explore the city and contact while we did that. We ended up talking to a really cool girl who was just so excited to meet us :)  

I found a kitty to love :) 
This week, we also did a ton of contacting but we tried a bunch of different ideas this week and a lot of them were super successful! For one of them we wrote the question, "What is it like to be a young person in Romania?" on a white board and just asked everyone that walked by and we had some great conversations! Another one we tried, that we weren't so sure how well it would work but it ended up working really well. We asked people what they know about their ancestors and then told them about familysearch.org. It also led to some really good conversations :) 

Other random things: 
We got pulled into doing a flash mob this week in the center of town. 
We had two back to back pasta appointments yesterday. We were so stuffed! 
We started game night here and it went really well this Friday! 

I think thats about it! I love you guys so much! Have a great week! 
Love Sora Vann 

P.S. my sister is having surgery today so if you guys could keep her in your prayers that would be awesome. 

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